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Promethean Horde - Ashes of the Empyrean

Metal Swarm Productions

Promethean Horde - Ashes of the Empyrean

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Ashes of the Empyrean - CD(Physical)
Compact Disc (CD)

released August 14, 2014 

Track Listing:
Artisan of Silence
Perish in the Elements
Spirit of the Water
Unknown Corpses
Winter Cold Within Your Soul
Dark Black Catacomb
Bring Forth the Fires
Voices Visions
Ashes of the Empyrean
Divinity by Conquest

Promethean Horde is:
Nickulus - Vocals
Jecheal - Bass/Vocals
Jack - Guitars/Vocals
Gary - Drums

Additional Guitars recorded by: Jeremy Jones
Guitar solo on Dark Black Catacomb by: Kevin Quiron

Recorded, Mixed, Produced at Metal Swarm Productions by Nickulus

Album Art by: Kris Verwimp